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Capriccio Species Info!

Mon Oct 13, 2014, 9:40 AM
Capriccios are a closed species by myself (topicalsauce/TopicalAdopts) and MysticalDynamite/RadicalAdopts, which means we are the only ones who can make them!
enter lame music terms for names ;v;

Habitat and needs/abilities

  • Capriccios live in a land called Libretto. It has several different climates, including plains, deserts, mountains, etc. Because of the variety of land, most Capriccios never leave.
  • Capriccios need music to survive. Usually a household will simply keep a radio or something on, even when they sleep. They still need to eat and drink, but music is just as important.

Appearance/physical traits

  • Males have bass clef markings on their ears, while females have treble clefs. A Capriccio can have any kind of ears or tails, as long as they're furry.
  • Each one is based on a type of music (dubstep, rock and roll, jazz, etc., some are more specific than others) or a specific singer/band.
  • Capriccios give birth like normal mammals. Like humans, the average pregnancy is about 9 months.
  • At birth, each Capriccio's skin and hair is plain white, with no markings other than a black clef, and their irises are black. Throughout childhood, Capriccios wear simple black and white clothes. They begin to change and gain color and other markings in their teens, when they develop their own taste in music. To keep track of which child is whose, parents often have their children wear a collar or shirt with their name on it.
  • Occasionally a Capriccio's music taste (and therefore appearance) will change. Most Capriccios never experience this, other than the original change in their teens. Very rarely, a Capriccio will never change, and will remain plain white for the rest of their life.
  • In natural circumstances, the average lifespan for a Capriccio is 100 years, although they can live longer if they take care of themselves.
  • Capriccios have the same size and proportions as humans.


  • Capriccios are generally curious creatures, and usually aren't very smart.
  • They usually spend time with ones that are a similar genre to them, but they live in large communities with different kinds of Capriccios.
  • They're a very loving and open species, often publicly displaying their affection.
  • Most Capriccios love to party and are often quite promiscuous, although the Classical-based ones tend to be more reserved and stuck-up.
  • There are, of course, exceptions to all of these, but these are most common.


  • Clef marking on tail instead of ears
  • Horns
  • Multiple clef markings, especially if they have both bass and treble.
  • As described above, changing tastes more than once, or never changing.


Auction: Capriccio - Dubstep [CLOSED] by TopicalAdoptsSet Price: Capriccio 2 - Rock N Roll [OPEN] by TopicalAdoptsCapriccio 01: Opera {CLOSED} by RadicalAdoptsSet Price: Capriccio 3 - Psychadelic [OPEN] by TopicalAdoptsCapriccio 02: Enka {OPEN} PRICE REDUCED by RadicalAdoptsSet Price Capriccios {OPEN 3/3} PRICE REDUCED by RadicalAdoptsSet Price: Capriccio Batch 1 [2/2 OPEN] by TopicalAdopts

Final Notes

  • We both take customs of these! COMMISSIONS- OPEN {5 SLOTS} (hers), and Commissions - OPEN [9/10 slots] (mine)
  • Of course, you don't have to follow all of the information of the species! This is just a basic set-up that we made up!
  • We are always thinking of new information, and if you have something you think we should add, feel free to say so! This is our first species, and we want to make sure it's as well-thought out as it can be!

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